Like most search engines, MSN can help you find many things online. Most people can not find anything without the help of a good search engine. Unless the exact address of something is already known, it can be next to be impossible to find anything otherwise. Search engines are big business, and may just be the most used sites online. If you are looking for a person, using one is a great idea. MSN is just one of the ones you will want to try.

When searching, don’t make the mistake of trying just one. You should experiment with many if you seem to be coming up blank, as each can come up with something different. When you log on to, you will see that they have direct links to white pages and yellow pages. These may be your first stop, as anyone with a listed number either personal or business will come up through this search.

You can also try to put someone’s name into the main search through MSN. Type the name, hit submit, and see what you can find. If you are looking for a name that is common, be prepared for a large amount of search results. There are probably going to be too many to go through no matter what name you are searching. There are a few things you can do to focus your search.

You can try to put quotes around the name you are searching. This tells the search engine to only display results that have the full name included. If you type Mary Smith, you will get an outcome that contain both, but most likely you will get some that have each name in the listing, but they may not be together. When you type “Mary Smith” you only get the results with the names side by side. You can also try to put an interest after the name. For example, try “Mary Smith” clarinet if that person plays that instrument.

You won’t have any luck through MSN if you don’t have a name to search. If you have a number, but you have no idea who owns it, you can try a different site to find out the owner of a phone number. If you have any luck, you can then take the name or names that you find back to MSN to see what comes up in your search.

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