Month: November 2017

Nba Betting: Tuesday Nba Picks

NBA Betting: Not one of the seven matchups Tuesday features two teams that each have a win-loss record above .500 but this Western Conference rivalry between the Suns and Trailblazers is a close as it gets. Portland started last season at 12-8 before going on to win 50 games but the Trailblazers are 2-6-1 ATS vs. teams with a winning record. Sportsbook have the home side favored. Phoenix (11-9) at Portland (9-11) Line: Trailblazers -3 Over/Under: 204 Portland started the season 6-3 but fell into six-game spiral that sent their fans into a tizzy. The Blazers led at half-time in three of the six losses and three were by four points or less, but was Sunday”s win against the Clippers a turning point or an aberration? Strong play in the defensive zone will a key for Portland but the Suns (109.8 ppg) lead the league in scoring and for seven-straight games have notched 105-plus points per game. Look for the Trailblazers to fall behind in the second-half and for this game to finish with a margin of less than three.Pick: Take the Suns Washington (6-13) at L.A. Lakers (14-6) Line: Lakers -13 Over/Under: 206.5 The Lakers won their first game in over a week Friday, beating Sacramento 113-80 SU/ATS. It was LA”s most convincing win of the season, covering the spread by more than 20 points, and after a...

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Nutrition For Basketball Players

Nutrition for Basketball Players  Basketball can be a challenging sport that needs speed, staying power, energy and a sharp psychological focus to participate at the higher level. Many basketball players, particularly non professionals habitually pay no attention to the role proper nutrition can play in their game. Nutrition has an impact on performance and all players have to be conscious about their personal nutritional goals and about how they can choose an eating plan to meet those goals.  One of the most complicated things that basketball players face on the court is tiredness and consequently one of the most significant roles of nutrition is the help to manage physical and psychological tiredness on the court. A fine basketball nutrition plan will maintain the energy levels up during the game and may help avoid injuries on the court as well. A lot of damages occur because of players being physically and psychologically exhausted which frequently happen toward the end of the game when players are most fatigued.  There is no strict diet that is suitable and fulfills the nutritional requirements of all basketball players, of course. In common, however, a simple fair meal provides the all nutrients the body requires is essential as each nutrient performs a particular function.   Basketball players have to know that carbohydrates play an essential role in creating energy in the body. Because of this, carbohydrates...

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NBA China

There’s a global fight going on between businesses, organizations, and even sports bodies over the new playing field that is China. In the realm of sports, the stakes are higher than ever as profits back home are declining and China is proving to be a dream new untapped market filled with enthusiastic sports lovers. The NBA over the past 20 years has slowly been laying the groundwork for entrance and eventually expansion into China. When David Stern first came to China, he was standing outside of the Chinese CCTV headquarters basically paying the Chinese to display recorded version of their basketball games. These past 2 years, things have really picked up and the NBA is already fast taking over the lives of the all-elusive 18-35 middle class. Announcement of NBA China entity, opening 12 NBA caliber stadiums in China, NBA branded reality TV shows on Chinese TV, plans to open 2000 NBA branded retail shops, and more have already taken place. Partnerships with global and local enterprises are speeding up the NBA’s domination over its competitors. With the NBA struggling mightily back home on it’s home soil – this kind of boost is exactly what was needed. THere has been speculation going around that the NBA could be headed for another lockout in the 2011 season with player wages spiralling out of control in light of the current world...

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